Break Language Barriers

S2 Lingua is a global translation company in the Research Triangle.

S2 Lingua is a global translation company in the Research Triangle empowering businesses with multilingual communication.

We empower businesses with multilingual communication.

A person navigating a foreign city with foreign language signs

Go Global with Confidence

We provide businesses with a dependable translation service that’s backed by cultural intelligence, streamlined language solutions, and top-tier project management.

Whether it's a single language document or a large multilingual campaign, you’ll have the peace of mind that it will be done on time and true to the source.

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A person navigating a foreign city with foreign language signs
“We are very pleased to work with Matt and his team on multilingual projects. They always impress us with very fast turnaround times and excellent comprehension of project specs. A very reliable partner on small and large language projects, we look forward to working with Matt & team for many years to come. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time.”
Tea Dietterich, 2M CEO and AALC President
"Matt always strives to improve the localization processes and he continues to provide the best-in-class service. We were grateful for the help his team provided with several translation, editing and document localization projects with tight deadlines for deliveries. His team is a pleasure to work with."
Dominika Weston, Global Resource Manager
"It was truly a great experience working with Marcela. She was able to handle the projects I requested of her and met all deadlines without fail. She easily adapted to sudden changes in the work flow, and was very helpful with any queries we had. I recommend her for any translation work as she has proved time and again her dependability."
Kenneth Ashmore, Localization Project Manager

A Full Suite of Language Services​

We offer language services for your product along each step of its global journey—from document translation to cultural customization.  

Subject matter expertise paired with modern translation technology

Global-readiness and cultural adaptation for digital and multimedia​

Expand your global audience and ensure that your brand resonates with it

Delivering Value

Our value-driven approach keeps your translations lean and scalable.

Project Management

Vendor Management

KPIs & Metrics Reporting

Continuous Improvement

Cultural Intelligence

ISO 17100 Quality

Delivering Value

Our value-driven approach keeps your translation program lean and scalable.

Project Management

Cultural Intelligence​

Customer Centricity

ISO 17100 Quality

Vendor Management

Technology & Reporting

Scale healthcare by transcending language and cultural barriers

Ensure precision and clarity of global technical and promotional material

Create localized software and apps customized and tested for global users

We Know Your Industry

We work with you to develop a translation strategy that is effective for you and your target audience—ensuring the right terminology while preserving your voice, style, and tone.

Ready to knock down the language barrier? Let's get started.