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In the wrong hands, a translation can be costly—both to your bottom line and reputation.

Translation management requires specific skills including linguistic and subject matter expertise, the discerning knowledge for efficient translator resource management, and use of quality controls and localization best practices. 

We provide our clients with the confidence and peace of mind that they will receive a quality translation—without the added stress of actively managing a process outside of their core functions. In essence, we provide a service that runs in tune with your operation.

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Based in the Americas.  Connected across the globe. 

Raleigh, North Carolina
Raleigh, NC
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

S2 Lingua is located in the Greater Raleigh area in in the town of Cary, North Carolina. With its strong reputation for the medical and technology industries, our core services align well with the Research Triangle. Learn more about our North Carolina translation services and our activity in the community. 

We began managing global language services from Buenos Aires in 2008. Spanish translation is our most popular language service, and by maintaining a presence in South America, we cater to this demand while leveraging our network and regional knowledge. Through our Argentine operations, we maintain direct relationships with our vendors and provide Latin American insight to our clients.

Our Directors

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Marcela Sciaccaluga | Translation Specialist | S2 Lingua

Marcela Sciaccaluga

Project Managment

Matt Schexnayder | Translation Specialist | S2 Lingua

Matt Schexnayder

Sales & Marketing

Yanina Altieri

Quality Management

S2 Lingua was founded by Matt Schexnayder and Marcela Sciaccaluga. They began collaborating in 2007 and later combined their knowledge, experience, and resources to form a full-service language solutions company.

Our global team is energetic and passionate. We work with individuals that not only uphold the same values that we do, but also have accomplished backgrounds, university degrees in their fields of specialization, and an insatiable desire for knowledge and continuous improvement of the translation process.

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