Global Digital Marketing

Expand Global Audiences and Ensure Brand Resonance

Today’s Global Economy Is More Connected Than Ever​

Increasing access to the internet, smartphones, and rising bandwidths are continuously expanding the worldwide consumer market. With the interconnectedness of the online global economy, it’s easier today more than ever for companies to reach international users.

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Cultural Evaluation and Customization ​

Each global visitor to your website will be viewing your brand through their cultural lens. If you know that a significant number of your online visitors speak different languages or come from a different country, then you should consider localizing your website or app to create a better user experience and ensure your brand resonates with them.

Before launching a global campaign, an evaluation of your branding and marketing material should be made to avoid cultural blunders. Graphics, images, icons, and even colors can evoke varying sentiments across different locales. Best practices suggest beginning with culturally neutral content, using the same core messages across all markets and then customizing or hyperlocalizing it for each target locale.

In-country marketing consultants provide cultural expertise and feedback on your existing branding and ensure that your localized content resonates with your global users—vastly increasing the impact of your global marketing.

Multilingual SEO

Any online marketer will tell you the importance of SEO for increasing your online visibility. The particular challenge to successful global SEO depends on choosing and placing the right foreign customer-centric keywords in locale-customized language and dialect. 

For example, if you are selling clothing in the UK and using sweaters as a keyword, you won’t rank highly in SERPs, where the equivalent word is “jumper.” Likewise, in Argentina, “corpiño” is used instead of “sostén,” the Spanish word for brassiere.

While localized keyword selection is important, there is a caveat: if you use the same keywords as your competitors in your target market, this will dilute your efforts. A blend of strategic head and tail terms should be used to improve your SERP ranking.  In addition to multilingual SEO, country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) will show both search engines and users that your site is specifically targeted to their country and will rank higher on their SERPs.


Also known as creative translation, it is the process of adapting your message to the target language with a particular emphasis on maintaining its original tone, voice, and style. The goal of transcreation is to evoke the same emotions with your message in your global audience that you do in your home market, transcending both culture and language.

Transcreation uses a different approach than translation. It begins with a creative brief, where the client conveys their objectives as well as the style of writing, medium, target audience, and subject matter. It is here that the client sets his expectation towards the end result and transcreation team provides feedback on feasibility and gathers any additional info needed.

After the objectives have been communicated and agreed upon between the client and team, transcreation copywriting and copyediting begin.  In the case of slogans or headlines, the transcreation project manager provides some options to the client along with back translations and the rationale behind them. The client provides feedback, and additional options are provided if necessary. 

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