We cater to specific industries to better know our customers and their end users, and efficiently identify and resolve their pain points

You probably wouldn’t ask a legal team to write your marketing copy. Similarly, you wouldn’t want a tourism translator to translate a clinical trial protocol, or a literary translator to localize your software UI.

We’re specialized in these industries because it’s what we are good at. Our clients trust us because we understand their businesses, their products, and their customers.

Over the years that we’ve provided translation and localization services for the health, software and manufacturing industries, we’ve gotten to know their products and end-users. We understand the purpose, style, and tone of your documentation whether it be for technical, consumer, or marketing use.

Translation is not the end goal, but rather a means for our customers to produce a global impact. Whether the objective is global health improvement, providing international access to improved machinery, or transcending language and cultural barriers to get your software to people who need it, S2 Lingua can help you get there.

Medical Translation


Health improvement should transcend the boundaries of language and culture

Technology Icon Screens


Properly localized software should feel tailored for the user, regardless of their culture or language​


Technical translations require terminology expertise and a keen eye for measurements and conversions