Properly localized software should feel tailored for the user, regardless of their culture or language

S2 Lingua can translate, localize and market your technology solutions for foreign users. We ensure that your localized product is linguistically, aesthetically and functionally ready for the global market.

For your product to function on a global scale, a global approach in the development, testing, and release phases is needed. We can work with you to develop a localization program, utilizing best practices to ensure the consistency and efficient management of your global content.

Products We Localize

  • Enterprise and Consumer Solutions
  • Mobile and Desktop Applications
  • Medical Devices and Wearable Technology
  • Elearning and Training Software
  • Content Management Systems

Localization Specific Services

  • Internationalization and Pseudolocalization
  • Cultural Consulting and Evaluation
  • Aesthetic, Linguistic and Functional Testing
  • Debugging and Bug Triage
  • Agile Localization for Continuous Publishing