Subject matter expertise paired with modern translation technology

S2 Lingua provides a global translation service, unified by modern technology and international quality standards. Our translation partners are subject matter experts in their fields, proficient in first-rate translation technology, and comply with ISO 17100 standards. Our translation quality assurance program employs multiple rounds of reviews by translators, editors, and validators.

Translation and Editing

Document Translation

Whether written for internal use, business to business or final consumer, we can confidently and effectively translate your documents so that your message is clearly conveyed to your target audience. Our team of translators ensures that your content is understood across a diversity of cultures while preserving your brand. 

Translation Editing

Editing and Proofreading

Do you have content that needs to be professionally validated? Our editors and proofreaders apply the same high standards of quality and consistency used in our services to your pre-translated material. You will receive a polished document with specific attention to spelling, grammar and usage conventions. We can guarantee content that flows smoothly and naturally, maintaining the integrity of your message.