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Create localized software and hardware, customized and tested for global users

Globally Customized Software

Creating global software has unique challenges.

For your technology to succeed in the global marketplace, an international focus is needed during its design, development, and testing phases. 

Our software and app translation services can assist you from your product’s design to its launch.

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To develop globally scalable software, internationalization is key.

Internationalization, also known as “i18n”, is defined by the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) as “the process of generalizing a product so that it can handle multiple languages and cultural conventions without the need for re-design. (LISA definition, cit. Esselink 2000: 2)”.

A common example of internationalization is ensuring that the correct character encoding is used, normally Unicode, so foreign languages with special scripts will display correctly.

Also, date and time need to be in a universally accepted format, since countries vary in their conventions.

We review your product’s encoding and conventions as well as image text and page layouts and provide pre and post-translation testing to ensure your app is global ready.

Done correctly, internationalization will save your company time and money and guarantee an enhanced user experience across foreign locales.


Localization, the process of translating your multimedia or software content for its target market or locale, has unique formatting and cultural objectives that go beyond document translation.

For example, since many languages are longer than English, text expansion after translation is common. The page or screen’s spacing, as well as its buttons and headers, need to allow for this growth to ensure a good flow and an attractive finished look.

We focus on specific terminology, the text’s context, and the purpose or objective of the content to create an accurate translation that’s true to its source.

S2 Lingua’s localization service includes a cultural review of images, symbols, and colors so your product and its marketing collateral resonate with your international users. Our team of multilingual designers provides the best multimedia localization fit your global content. 

A successfully localized product will feel tailor-made for the foreign user. For your product to be competitive in the global market, it needs to not only be functional but also linguistically, aesthetically and culturally appropriate to guarantee a great user experience.

Our Software and App Translation Services

Products We Localize

  • Enterprise and Consumer Solutions

  • Mobile and Desktop Applications

  • Medical Devices and Wearable Technology

  • Elearning and Training Software

  • Content Management Systems

Localization-Specific Services

  • Internationalization and Pseudolocalization

  • Cultural Consulting and Evaluation

  • Aesthetic, Linguistic and Functional Testing

  • Debugging and Bug Triage

  • Agile Localization for Continuous Publishing

Why trust S2 Lingua for your technology translation services?

ISO 17100 Certification

Our quality assurance process is ISO 17100 certified—the industry standard for translation quality. It defines requirements that directly affect the quality and delivery of translation services and covers the entirety of the project life cycle with a focus on traceability. Its provisions concern the management of core processes and resources as well as define minimum qualification requirements for translators. 

Best In Class Translation Technology

We regularly update our translation technology for continuous improvement of localization processes and pass on the benefits to our clients. We use a combination of human expertise and project automation to ensure efficient, quality driven translation management for waterfall or agile localization programs. 

Project Transparency and Quality Metrics

We subscribe to the Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF): a comprehensive set of tools, best practices, quality metrics, reports, and data for benchmarking standards.

It allows our clients to set and track quality translation metrics and provides a benchmark for us to continuously improve our service.  

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