Translation ROI: Maximizing Your Translation Success

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Translation ROI

If you have an ongoing need for translations, then tracking your projects will allow for continuous improvement and better returns on investment.

Instead of treating every translation as an isolated project, use them as opportunities to enhance the scalability and efficiency of your translation program.

Feedback from both your translation partner and your target audience can be used to optimize your translations further.

You can also leverage your previous projects to make future translations faster and cheaper while maintaining high quality.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most effective ways to maximize your return on translation investment.

1. Leverage Past Translations

You can leverage past translations to increase work efficiency and ensure consistency in terminology precision, and brand voice.

Top translation services use technology that combines workflow automation and human expertise. Content can be securely stored to build client-specific translation memories and terminology glossaries.

The benefit is twofold: translators can easily ensure consistent quality, and clients can achieve faster deliveries, lower costs, and enhanced user engagement.

Every project is an opportunity to grow your translation database, and refine your terminology, guaranteeing increased workflow optimization.

2. Gather Insights from Analytics

Analytics are valuable to determine how well your webpage and campaign are performing in foreign markets. You can compare your post-translation traffic to pre-translation traffic to determine its success.

And for a multilingual campaign that has performed well in the majority of foreign markets, you can focus on those that underperformed to improve user engagement and content resonance.

3. Listen to Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is essential to success, but many companies often miss the mark.

Having access to in-country feedback will help you to refine and customize your content for foreign markets.

Working with a translation company with in-country translators and reviewers will help you to avoid cultural blunders and better connect with your audience.

4. Optimize Your Workflow

Once you have found the right translation company and started collaborating, you can continuously optimize the workflow.

A good translation company can be essential in building and strengthening your translation program—so your organization can focus on its core functions.

Using a translation management system (TMS) will significantly enhance the efficiency of your projects. A translation company can set up an account for you so you can easily send and receive files. Those translators that are the best fit for your content and industry can be repeatedly assigned to your projects, gaining increased insight into your brand and objectives.

A sound translation management system results in translations that are scalable and effective for both you and your target audience.

Increase your ROI on translation through continuous improvement

You can achieve lower costs, increase efficiencies, and enhance foreign audience engagement through constant optimization of your translation program.

Leveraging your translation partner’s TMS, interpreting analytics, listening to your foreign audiences, and building a reliable translation database are guaranteed ways to maximize your translation ROI.

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